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We Are IT Services That Create Beautiful Websites

LoitTech is combination of mind power and technologies of both countries’ i.e. Paksitan and Malaysia. Malaysian based IT Consultancy, aiming to provide technical services and no compromise solutions to our clients. This attitude is embodied in the three core values of the company.

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Technical Excellence

Our vision is to empower our clients through quality software, mobile apps and web solutions. Adding value to their needs with our technical excellence at a consultancy level. We are committed to these values and are fully conversant with the processes and practices that make them a reality. We approach a client’s personal and business needs perceptively, professionally and with an open-mind. We believe that good technology should be simple, portable and scalable for the user. Designing and implementing an effective, attractive and cost-effective solution requires much more attention and expertise.

Our mission is to give your bussiness growth and let it reach to the edge and perform maximum output in it’sfeild. Our success comes through the success of our clients and we do our best to make sure the solutions are as usable as possible. We look to train our system to provide easy to embed solutions considering the ultimate IT & HR needs of the company. Our engineers are continually trained to understand and select the best ingredients to suit each of our client requirements. As a sizable company, we bring together the world’s best technologies and the world’s best engineers to help clients address their critical business imperatives.


At Loittech we always strive to provide our clients with newest and best solutions available. With a dedicated development team and years of experience we can leverage a whole host of technologies to webapps to software for a host of mobile platforms.


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